Toni Weisz Regional Coordinator of Making Life Disciples

Toni Weisz is a Regional Coordinator with Care-Net’s Making Life Disciples (MLD).
Please contact her if you are interested in bringing this study to your church or small group.
Email her at: · Phone 561-327-7274.

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In the beginning of December 2021, I received a call from one of our ministry partners telling me that a young woman was considering an abortion.

I instantly sent out a text to our core volunteer group for prayer. I contacted Grace, one of our volunteers, to see if she was able to meet with this young woman? They set up a time to meet.

During their meeting, Grace spent three hours listening to this young woman pour out her heart and share her concerns. In turn, Grace shared her abortion story, including her near-death experience due to complications from the abortion pill.


After the meeting, they stayed in close contact and even went to church together. Two weeks ago (May 2022), we had the pleasure of throwing this young woman a surprise baby shower. Because of God’s provision through Grace, a new baby will be brought into the world very soon, and a woman will be spared a lifetime of guilt, shame, pain, and regret.

It truly only takes one person to make a difference when we are willing to be used by God in this way. MLD 2.0 will equip you to do the same thing.



Baby Shower for Midewilca · May 14, 2022 · Lighthouse Point, FL

Toni Weisz Regional Coordinator with Care-Net’s Making Life Disciples (MLD)
Baby Shower for Midewilca

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Testimonials for the MAKING LIFE DISCIPLES Class

The Making Life Disciples course was extremely helpful to equip me to minister in the church to those who find themselves with an unexpected pregnancy. As a post abortion woman, I found the abortion procedures very difficult and painful to watch, but I am grateful for the knowledge so I can help other women make an informed life-affirming decision. I didn’t have information on any alternatives to abortion, nor did I get any information regarding my abortion procedure. I am excited to be used by God to minister His love to those who are confused and stressed out regarding an unexpected pregnancy.

Blessings, Toni

The Making Life Disciples class fueled my passion to help others in a life affirming decision regarding abortion. It educates you and provides useful tools to help you share with others powerful information so they can be knowledgeable and have a support system available to them. I also learned better communication styles and boundaries when helping others in an unplanned pregnancy. I’m very thankful to have this tool at my fingertips as a guide when I’m assisting others in a church or any place else.

Blessings, Sharon

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